Project Description Last activity
Dalton Dalton is a powerful code for a wide range of molecular properties at different levels of theory 3 hours ago
DIRAC Program for Atomic and Molecular Direct Iterative Relativistic All-electron Calculations 5 hours ago
DIRACext Miro's extended DIRAC test configurations 1 day ago
GPUnCH Quantum chemistry code for modern hardware with punch
Ichor Ichor (Integral Code Hand Optimized for Rapid evaluation) Integral Library
LSDalton LSDalton is a linear-scaling HF and DFT code suitable for large molecular systems, now also with some CCSD capabilites 7 hours ago
MathLibs-tester Fortran 90 program for checking few LAPACK and BLAS mathematical libraries
PCMSolver An API for the Polarizable Continuum Model
Psi Open-Source Quantum Chemistry 28 days ago
RadialAtomicIHFSCC Relativistic Radial-Atomic Intermediate Hamiltonian Fock-Space Coupled Cluster codes
ScaTeLib A scalable tensor library